FKG XP endo shaper Plus Sequence 25mm,shaper+finisher), 9 st,250€

9 shapers+finishers, ongebruikt. 250€ voor alle 9 blisters.
The XP-endo Shaper is the instrument of choice for the treatment of the vast majority of canals.
Ø ISO: 30
Taper: min. 4%
Lengths: 21, 25, 31mm
Recommended speed: 800 rpm
Torque: 1 Ncm
Delivered in a sterile blister. Single use
Shaper: Ability to shape from Ø 15 to Ø 30
Designed with six cutting edges for optimal guidance

Optimal expansion capacity up to 3x its core size
Seamless adaptation to canal irregularities

Excellent resistance to cyclic fatigue
Superelasticity and extreme flexibility

Unique patent design delivers unequalled debris removal
Minimal stress applied to dentine walls
Revolutionary design provides enhanced ability to clean areas previously impossible to reach
Exclusive tip

Extreme expansion capacity optimization up to 100x its core size
Seamless adaptation technology for all root canal morphologies

Excellent resistance to cyclic fatigue
Extreme flexibility and agility

Uniquely designed for thorough debris removal
Exceptional dentine preservation features

Conditie artikel: Ongebruikt / nieuw
Bouwjaar : 2020
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